It’s All in the Name

Hi.  My name is Brooke Anderson, and I love a good story.  In fact, I love stories so much that I write books and teach other people how to write.

I have also been in love with advertising and branding since I was eight years old and badgering my dad to talk about the commercials during every show we ever tried to watch.

These days I am excited to have the opportunity to be able to use my love of words, narrative, and design to work with companies as a brand strategist.  In every product or service, there is a great story whether it be an inspired beginning, a driving passion, or a way that a product can change the world.

I have spent the last 15 years working in sectors ranging from education, business, publishing, environmental science, biology, aerospace, journalism, and art.  With an MA in communication and an MS in biology, I enjoy to speaking and writing across topics and disciplines.

You can read more about me at and, and you can see what my publishing company is working on these days at

What We Do

A Brand Strategist is someone who works strategically to make sure that a brand is clearly defined, coherently conveyed, and creatively showcased.

With my background in narrative theory and writing, I find that seeking out and developing stories for brands is a great way to help products and services, not only look great, but also capture the attention and imagination of the people that you are trying to reach.

We exist to make you look great, whether it is through the copy that you use to advertise your product, the images that you curate and the narrative you craft for social media, the name and tag lines that you use to capture your consumers imaginations, the logo that defines you, or the media that draws people to you.  As a full-service branding agency, we offer a suite of services designed to help you grow your business and showcase the thing you spend your days doing.  Our goal is help you create a consistent narrative that represents your business well and leads to great brand engagement.

Some of the things we offer are

  • brand and story development
  • rebranding and brand revitalization
  • social media management
  • advertising
  • copy writing
  • video compilations
  • press releases
  • logo design
  • crowdfunding campaigns

While words are where our story started, we have found over the years that graphics and design are an integral part of any branding story.  We know that you could have a logo created and copy written separately, but imagine what you could do if your narrative and graphics worked together seamlessly, synergistically designed to bring your brand the greatest representation that it can have.  We have some in-house graphic capabilities, and for larger projects, we can source and coordinate any work that requires graphics whether with your graphic team of choice or an artist that we find for you.

Please see our portfolio page for some examples and feel free to ask about specific project possibilities.

Who We Have Worked With

We have worked with, written, designed, and run social media for everything from teeny-tiny startups to national and worldwide brands.

Some of the companies and nonprofits that we have worked with are

Let Me Know If We Can Help You

Feel free to browse our portfolio here.

Please reach out if you think that we can be of service.  We’d love to get to know what you are doing and see if we can put together something to help you grow.